At Green Reviews, we provide customized live environmental, health and safety compliance training and audits to organizations for managing environmental risks. Since 1997, we have specialized in assisting facility and property managers with environmental compliance and served many of the largest government organizations in the U.S.


    We are passionate about creating exceptional live training courses aimed at helping non-environmental personnel understand complex regulations and providing customer-centric professional management services for organizations. 



    Our Passion Drives Us


    Green Reviews was born out of a passion to protect human and health and the environment by helping people comply with basic environmental regulations.  It's timely, important work, and it’s the work that we do best.


    Over time, the risks of environmental fines and violations have grown, and so has the impact of non-compliance on an organization’s long-term sustainability. 


    For these reasons, we've chosen to develop training courses and services that minimize risks to organization’s long-term asset value and protect human health and the environmental.  We create innovative solutions that help enterprises ensure compliance today and into the future.

    Amelia Janisz

    "Our clients depend on us for customized services that accurately reflect and support their organizational needs."


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