Live instructors rated 9.8 out of 10 in 2019

    M-Day Environmental Awareness

    1-1/2 hour webinar with 5 10-minute videos on environmental hot buttons for M-Day soldiers.  Combines live trainer, slides, and live action sequences.  Includes short 5 question tests per video and certificate of completion.  Contact us for links and passwords to purchase.  

    General Environmental Awareness

    4 hour live course for non-environmental personnel.  Covers applicable laws, rules, regulations and Army directives.

    Spill Prevention and Contingency Plan

    3 hour live course for maintenance shop and armory personnel. 

    Supply NCOs (Environmental Duties)

    4 hour live course for  Supply NCOs. 

    Unit Environmental Compliance Officer

    4 hour live course for Unit Environmental Compliance Officers. 

    Two Day Environmental Bootcamp

    2 day live course covering regulatory framework including NG examples and case studies for Facility/Station Commanders and Supervisors.  

    Environmental Regulations for ARNG Construction, Demolition and Renovation Project Managers

    3 hour live course with emphasis on compliance with federal, state and local environmental regulations.  Includes checklists for use with bid documents.

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