Web Based Environmental Training

Green Reviews’ General Environmental Awareness web based training course is a simple and effective way to learn about environmental hazards and safety at the Army National Guard (ARNG). 

What you get:

A one-and-half hour training course that educates soldiers and state personnel about common environmental hazards and how to stay safe at your armories and maintenance shops.  The course includes five brief lessons on:

  1. Family Hazards – Asbestos, lead-based paint, lead dust, used fluorescent light bulbs

  2. Hazardous Wastes – ARNG hazardous wastes, locations, proper disposal

  3. Labeling – Importance, chemical information, emergency response

  4. Green Purchasing and Recycling – Purchasing ‘green’, recycling programs

  5. Spills – Oil and chemical spills and leaks from tanks, ARNG equipment, small spill cleanup


All lessons incorporate live action sequences, live instructor, and PowerPoint slides.  Lessons include a short quiz and a certificate of completion once the course is completed. Commanding officers can track individual and units progress in completing the course. 

Xavier and Hazardoous Waste.png